Blog • 21 December, 2018

Welcome to Lagos-on-the-Thames

Abebi Adeyemi was born in Lagos, Nigeria and had studied at the Princeton Schools in Surulere. She presently works with a marketing agency in Peckham, which is an epitome of the Nigerian-British culture and life in London.

PaySend: It's finally great to see you in person after our conversation earlier. How are you?

Abebi: The pleasure is all mine. It is great to be sitting here with you and I'm all geared to chat about my time in the big smoke!

PaySend: Abebi, would you like to tell us about how and when you came to London?

Abebi: My story is simple - after my initial education in Lagos, my parents wanted a better future for me. This was the time when I started applying in different business colleges in London. By the grace from above, I was selected at the Morley College, which certainly from my perspective, is a great institution, to say the least. This place at the Westminster Bridge Road was an absolute paradise for me. There were fellow students from all parts of the world and my social circle went from nowhere to everywhere.

PaySend: That's wonderful to hear, Abebi. Why did you choose Peckham as your home?

Abebi: Peckham keeps me closer to home. Just in case if you didn’t know, Peckham is often called "Mini Lagos". I was pleasantly surprised when I realised that there was nothing in my hometown that I couldn’t find in Peckham. The best thing is, that it is conveniently located within the London Borough of Southwark. Moreover, I have many friends from Nigeria working and living here. There are lots of Nigerian stores, shops, and restaurants here. On top of that, I was hired as a marketing executive at a marketing agency in Peckham. I just could not have asked for anything better (Laughs).

PaySend: That is so good! I am glad to hear that you are loving your stay in Peckham. Abebi, which are your favourite restaurants there?

Abebi: There are lots of good places to dine out in Peckham. Me and my friends often visit Tiwa 'N' Tiwa, Lolak Afrique, and even Agrobeso African Cuisine. I also like Emukay and Lekki Kitchen Nigerian Restaurant. My favourite is Tiwa 'N' Tiwa for its Fried Yam, Suya, Joll Rice and One Fish, Lafun and Tilapia, Amala and Organically Dried fish.

PaySend: Wonderful! How did you come across PaySend? Do your friends and colleagues, or anyone from your neighbourhood also use it?

Abebi: I really liked PaySend’s International money transfer format. Everything is so quick and hassle-free. Previously, I used to send and receive money from friends and family through traditional banks. I must say, I was pretty frustrated with the time it took and the high transaction fees. On the other hand, PaySend is very easy and far better. I can send money from my mobile whenever I want and it takes literally seconds to make a transfer.  

PaySend was referred to me by a colleague of mine. She said that it was really easy and I must use it if I wanted to send or receive money. I tried my hands on it, and I must say that I was surprised by how convenient it was. The thing I liked the most was, that money was transferred almost immediately.

PaySend:  Would you be recommending PaySend to your friends and others?

Abebi: For sure! You guys at PaySend are really doing a wonderful job. Previously, I had to wait for ages to send and receive money. Now, it is just too simple, secure and absolutely hassle-free. I will really recommend PaySend to anyone who is looking for super-fast and safe money transfers.

PaySend: Thanks for your compliments! We really appreciate your faith in PaySend and hope that we can always make you happy with our products and services. It was really a pleasure having a word with you.

Abebi: The pleasure is all mine. I am happy that we had this conversation. Have a wonderful day ahead of you.

PaySend: Thank you very much for your time, Abebi!